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Shipping an American car to Spain ?

Re-registering a UK ca with Spanish plates  ?

Importing an American Car to Spain ?

Shipping a Car to Spain ?

Then send an email to ;


                 If you are thinking of ;

           Shipping an American car to Spain
           Importing an American car to Spain


               could be for you

Hi,  my name is Chris Dann and I have over 22 years experience importing and registering American cars into Spain.

 The Spanish registration system can seem quite daunting and most people who try and import and register their own car usually end up paying completely unnecessary taxes !!


It is quite possible to import your car to Spain completely tax free !!

 This means that you will avoid the import duty of 10% + 21% IVA  and you will also avoid the registration tax of , up to,  14.75%

Both of these taxes are calculated on the original bill of sale.  These taxes can be avoided quite legally but only if you are bringing your personal car to Spain as a 'change of residence'  i.e. you are either coming to Spain to work or study for a minimum of 1 year or you are coming to Spain to live.


If you are thinking of shipping your car to Spain then I suggest that you send me a quick email and I will let you know if it can be done tax free.


I work on my own, and have done for 22 years. However, I work closely with you throughout the whole shipping process. I will explain the shipping process in the USA and put you in touch with Shipping companies in Newark, Houston or Miami. I will make sure that your documentation is correct for a smooth import process in Spain. I will send you regular emails as to the location of your car and the registration process in Spain. You will always know where your car is and how the registration is progressing and you are free to call me at any time. 

1. I will clear your car through Spanish customs
2. I will collect it from the port of Barcelona
3. I will prepare all the correct paperwork
4. I will change the lights to EU spec
5. I will take it for the ITV test
6. I will present the correct paperwork to the Spanish Hacienda (tax office)
7. I will register it with Spanish plates
8. I will arrange delivery to your address in Spain
(or you can collect it from me)


      If you are thinking of

Shipping an American car to Spain


             Importing your car to Spain


     You will need a car shipper in the USA

              One of the best is ;


I also import and register cars from Dubai

I recommend 

I can also re-register cars from the UK with Spanish plates.  This would apply to someone who has brought their car to Spain for one of two reasons ;

1.  You have retired and now live in Spain

2. You have a holiday home in Spain and you wish to leave a car at your property.

In both cases the law says that you must re-register your car with Spanish plates.

In some cases I can change your UK plates to Spanish plates without paying the import tax.

However, this depends on when you became registered at your local town hall.

Send me an email and I will see if it can be done tax free.


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