Hi, my name is Chris Dann and welcome to carimportinspain.com

I have over 26 years experience in the importation and registration of American cars to Spain.

If you plan to ship your car from the USA to Spain then I will work with you from the outset.  I can help you through the shipping process in America and offer advice on shippers and the method of shipping.  When your car arrives in Spain I will collect it from the docks in Barcelona by flatbed trailer.  I will clear it through customs.  I will provide the necessary paperwork to register your car with Spanish plates. I will make sure that the lights conform to EU standards. I will take it for the ITV test.  I will complete all the paperwork needed.   When I have it road legal for use on Spanish roads you can come and collect it or I can arrange to have it delivered.

I also import and register cars from Dubai, Japan, Canada and Australia.  I can collect your car from the port of Barcelona, Tarragona or Valencia, then clear it through customs and register it with Spanish plates.


Tel             +34 64 20 60 491

If you are not familiar with carimportinspain then your first contact with me is by email and I would be pleased to hear from you! Please let me know what your needs and questions are, I will be more than happy to help.   chrisdann407@yahoo.com

Carimportinspain.com was established in Barcelona in 1989. However, back then we were just called Carimportinspain because, of course, there was no World Wide Web yet !!!! 

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