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Bringing your car to Spain ?
Importing your car to Spain ?
Re-registering your car in Spain?

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EU law states that all vehicles being used on any EU road must be fully road legal in the country of registration

EU law also states that if your intention is to keep a UK registered vehicle in Spain then it must be re-registered with Spanish national plates within 183 days of its arrival regardless of whether the owner has resident status or not.

Up until the point of re-registration with Spanish plates it must remain fully road legal in the country of registration.

A UK registered car with no tax or MOT from the UK cannot legally be used on Spanish roads and may be impounded by either the local police or the Guardia Civil.

Thank you for visiting our Internet site Car Import in Spain. The company was founded in 1988 in Barcelona to help expats register their personal transport on their arrival in Spain. The importation and registration of a vehicle in Spain can be somewhat daunting but, our job is to make it as painless as possible. We charge a set fee regardless of the type of import and, in many cases can have your car fully road legal in ten working days.

Fact 1.  If you have a UK registered vehicle in Spain you must re-register it. You cannot continue driving a UK registered vehicle whether you have resident status or not.

Fact 2.  If you have resident status or non resident status you can only keep your car on UK plates for up to six months. After that period the car must return to the UK for a full continuous six months or be re-registered. You cannot take it back for an MOT and Tax and then bring it back two weeks later.  If you have been in Spain for more than six months you automatically assume fiscal resident status and your car must be re-registered.

Fact 3.  Failure to comply will almost certainly render your insurance null and void and could result in your car being impounded.

Remember, EU law states that a vehicle must be re-registered in the country it resides in within 6 months of its arrival.

During that time it must remain fully road legal in the country of registration.  This means, that in the case of a UK registered vehicle it must be taxed and have a current MOT from the UK.

The reason you have to re-register you car is so that you can pay the road tax of the country you are living in i.e. Spain.  It is nothing to do with insurance.  If you are driving around Spain without a valid MOT from the UK your insurance would probably be invalid anyway.

Remember, if you have failed to notify your insurance company in writing that your car does not have a valid certificate of roadworthiness from the country of registration then the insurance underwriter could refuse to honour a claim on the grounds that you have obtained insurance cover by deception.

If your car has been re-registered and now has Spanish national plates, it must also have a current ITV, Permiso de Circulación, impuestos de circulación (road tax) and valid insurance carried in the car at all times. 

For all your insurance needs, including American imports, contact Kerry  at   or  call   +34  956840050

We specialise in American registered cars which have been shipped to Spain because of a change of residence  but still have US plates. 

We also re- register UK registered vehicles.

We are able to re register / import all types of car including USA imports, Japanese imports and UK registered vehicles coming to Spain because of a change of residence. We are fully conversant with the latest Spanish and EU legislation and are able to import almost any type of vehicle.

Remember,  if you are bringing your own personal car, there is no import duty to pay.  We will tell you how to avoid import duty and we will fill in the correct documentation on your behalf and present it to the correct department in the Hacienda.

Import duty is based on the value and year of the car. The Hacienda will work on their book value and not yours.

Import duty can be anything from a few hundred euros to a few thousand but, in most cases, we can avoid it completely.

We will accompany you at every stage of the importation process. You will not be left to do anything on your own.

Your first step to a painless worry free importation process is to
phone Chris on +34 642445570

Alternatively you may send an email to ;

If you live in the Javea, Denia, Moraira, Tenerife, Mallorca, Ibiza, Torrevieja or Alicante area of Spain please send an email to  or call Mike on          +34     642 840 847

If you live in the Marbella, Malaga, Almeria, Cordoba, Cadiz area of Spain please send an email to

Our fee is a flat rate of 785 euros for a straightforward re registration. On top of this you will have the engineer's report, first year's road tax, Trafico fees and ITV charges to pay.

Matriculation tax is between 5% and 12.5% and is based on engine size, C02 emissions and the book value.

On the vast majority of UK re-registrations we can avoid the matriculation tax completely.

We will take you car to the ITV, complete all the paperwork and fit Spanish plates to your car.   You will be without your car for about two hours while it is in the ITV station.  You are, of course, quite welcome to meet us there as we will select the nearest station to your house.